Photographer on Board; Watch for sudden stops.

July 19, 2015

It's probably annoying to ride along in my van with me. If you don't enjoy sudden stops and quick turns you'd be better off hoping in with someone else.  My mind is always taking photos of the landscape whizzing past me as I stare out the window of a vehicle.  In fact, I'm usually making movies in my head, using different views (rear view mirror, side view mirror, driver window, windshield) as camera 1,2,3 and 4. There is usually some really good music playing, as I rarely listen to anything shitty of course, and in my mind I'm editing all the different camera angles and music together to make the perfect short of the landscape I'm submerged in.  To my passenger, we are just  cruising along, music cranking, then I see it, the perfect location/light combination for a still image.  I'll check camera 3 (rear view mirror) and apply the brakes, abruptly of course, because it's way more fun to be dramatic, throw the "Dodge Mahal" (Dodge Van) in park and grab my camera.  I'm gone. Sometimes Jasper, my loyal Boston Terrier heads out with me on my quests to capture those images I just can't live without in my photographic arsenal.     

So yea, It's either dam annoying to ride along with me, or one of the funnest adventures you can take. To me, it's my normal.  It's my life.