South Dakota Sunflowers

August 31, 2015

I have been in South Dakota for 3 years and haven't shot a single sunflower.  Pathetic, I know.  A few weekends ago I decided to seek out a field and spend sunset getting lost in the rows. Jasper, my Boston Terrier accompanied me and we enjoyed the area so much, we decided to spend the night in the "Dodge Mahal" van over near Lake Carthage, SD.  Some crazy weather started to roll in and the wind gusts were so strong the van actually rocked a few times. We fell asleep to the thunderous rumbles in the distance and woke early hoping to catch a killer sunrise over the yellow blooms.  Sunrise was filled with heavy clouds and spitting rain, so we lost out on that light, but I'm sure we will try to sneak one more excursion in before the blooms are gone. Check out my Sunflower Collection and let me know what you think.