Channeling Cindy Sherman

September 26, 2015

In my college days I studied Cindy Sherman, almost exclusively. Her conceptual portraits intrigued me as I was feeling awkward photographing school supplied models. I had no inspiration, and struggled trying to connect with them to pull out the emotion in appearance I was looking to capture.    

Cindy's Untitled Film Stills, 1977–1980, totally struck a chord with me. 
 Her series was black and white photos in which she would pose in different roles and settings (streets, yards, pools, beaches, and interiors), producing a result reminiscent of movie stills. She was the photographer and the model. Since what I was trying to express were my personal emotions I started to use myself as a model in front of my camera and created my "Woman and Machine" Series.  Last week I was to shoot some motorcycle riding boots for a client and decided to channel back my "Cindy Sherman" days and place myself in front of the camera.  Here are the results.