2017 GMC Overland Van Build

March 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The "Dodge Mahal" had to be retired, my 2003 Dodge Ram van that I traveled, lived out of for work as a photographer.  I recently took ownership of a 2017 GMC van and am currently building it into an overland mobile to keep me out on the road for all of the crazy adventures I land myself in.  Breach Bang Clear, RECOIL Magazine and Off-GRID magazine will be documenting the build and running some great stories on it, not to mention stories from the van, as you all know this vehicle will be going to some cool remote locations for shooting, both camera and guns. Stay Tuned for more on how this build goes. I am currently in Oklahoma at Clever Crow Fab for the interior build.

To get the #battlevanbuild rolling I started at the beginning, I prefer not to go backwards on projects like this,  Step one was getting the window tint done. Black, so no perverteted bastards can peek in at me during the day. I had the tint laid out By R.J. over at Pro Tint in West Virginia.   I'm now down in Stillwater Oklahoma where David Adams of Clever Crow Fab is getting the interior underway. We started by getting the DEI boom mat in place. This provides the ability to filter sound quality by absorbing the unwanted noise and sound waves. Bonus, as it will drastically improve the enhancement of audio sound performance, eliminating both road and engine noise, while also dampening the vibrations that tunnel and surround audio output. This acoustical product will aid in filtering the distortion caused by audio waves from both low and high decibel frequencies or from bass vibrations, road rattle and engine noise that can disrupt the sound waves we would rather hear, ya know like some Hank 3 as I'm tearin' ass down the road.  Speakers? Oh, we will get to that.  Stay tuned #battlevanbuild

We don't have an official name for this rig yet, but you an follow it with #breachbangbattlevan or #battlevanbuild 


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