2017 GMC Overland Van Build Project Update

May 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

 The #battlevanbuild continues to push forward and at around week 3 the interior is starting to come together. I chose Truck Vault to be the “base” of this build, as I wanted a safe, secure way to lock up my goods and keep them out of plain sight. Truck Vault was super easy to work with, I sent them the measurements for the spot in the van I wanted to mount this and told them what I would be storing in the vault.  They had their designers give me a few options and we landed on a great set up. I have a deep drawer with dividers, and a table that I can slide out. I like the idea of the table, saves me from having to store one in the van, one less item I have to pack up and store, and that is a big deal when you are living on limited space.  The drawer has lighting, so I can easily find what I need when the sun goes down, another big bonus.    The bed will be on top of the Truck Vault and since it was an odd size area I called Mattress Insider.com and ordered a custom RV mattress.  These guys know what the hell they are doing, I called, told them what I needed and they were able to turn that into the perfect set up for the van and had it out to me super fast.  If you are building a project and need a custom sized mattress, this is where you want to go.

  David from Clever Crow Fab has worked some cool hidden storage ideas into the interior and with his vast audio knowledge from over 10 years of working at Kicker Audio, he has some of the best advise for updating the stock sound system in the GMC van. He is going to set me up so I can listen to tunes without having to have the van running. He also suggested a cool bluetooth speaker by Kicker Audio that I can bring outside at any location.   The floor, ceiling and walls are being finished off with a bamboo wood that I picked out. I didn’t want the van to feel like a dark cave, so I opted for a lighter wood to help with that.  I’m digging the way this is all coming together.  I did my research, found the best products to work with, and I couldn’t be any happier with how this is panning out.  I just need to get some miles on this thing now and report back, see how it is all holding up.





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